GAIA Lidkaart
Theme of the campaign
Membership card

Nothing says ‘I belong!’ like a membership card! When GAIA told us they send out membership cards every two years, we immediately spotted the potential to create a strong fundraising campaign for the association’s existing donors.

This membership card provides an excellent opportunity to convince new donors to extend their support further with a second donation straight away. And existing donors also often make new donations after receiving their membership card.

The letter that accompanies the membership card focuses on gratitude and reporting. The donor is first thanked for their generous contributions. At the same time, attention is also paid to the results already achieved by the association, giving the donor an immediate update on the difference their contribution has made.

We deliberately kept the graphic design of this membership card mailing very simple. This meant full attention could be paid to the star of the show: the membership card, which was attached to the letter with an adhesive strip.

The membership card doesn’t just produce good results from active and new donors; people who haven’t made a donation in a while also often renew their support when we use it to remind them of all the special things it represents.

A membership card mailing campaign is particularly successful when it's associated with specific benefits: an invitation to an exclusive event, a nice calendar, a quick look behind the scenes at the organisation, the members’ magazine subscription, discounts for certain shops or excursions, etc.

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