Respect for everyone is central in our agency – regardless of language, culture, origin, sexual orientation or belief. At DSC, we see the good in people, and we believe that everyone has positive qualities and talents.


People at DSC work within a framework based on equality, without an excessively hierarchical structure. All team members have opportunities to grow so that they – with the right supervision – can achieve their goals.


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Driven by our passion to improve the world, we’re starting with ourselves.


We believe in transparent, open communication and the power of vulnerability, whereby everyone can count on a helping hand and someone to lend an ear.

Respect for people, animals and nature

We have an eye for beauty. The beauty of people, our work environment, nature and all the animals we share this planet with. We think it’s important to use eco-friendly, fair-trade products in our office, and take concrete measures to reduce our ecological footprint.

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