Donea is a modular data management platform developed by DSC. It is a professional and user-friendly tool in which all modules are fully adaptable to the needs of your organisation. Thanks to Donea, you can manage your campaigns, donations, tax certificates, donors and more in one central system.

Donor insight ● You can efficiently create, modify and search for donors. You get an extensive detailed overview per donor: of his/her donation(s), selections, documents and communication log, and an overview of the linked bank accounts and tax certificates.

Marketing Automation ● Donea makes it easy to set up and manage new marketing automation scenarios. These automated processes are carried out daily and update the results of each campaign. This allows you to outsource a large part of your manual work to Donea.

Tax certificates ● Donea provides an overview of the tax certificates per donor. In addition, you no longer need to do unnecessary manual work. The Donea platform also includes the possibility to quickly and easily make an export for Belcotax.

Gift and campaign management ● Donea offers the possibility to create and manage campaigns quickly and easily, and to follow up on your gifts. Donations are automatically uploaded via bank files on a daily basis. You’ll have an instant clear overview per donor of the gifts your organisation receives. You can also import manual donations according to a specific template.

Overview SDD ● Donea provides a module that collects all SDD. You get a detailed overview per SDD, an overview of the communication with the bank, pre-notifications and mandate letters, an overview of planned adjustments per SDD and a history page. In addition, the platform contains an import function and queue of the pre-notification overview.

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